Let's shape the WE in the WIRtschaft together

Our goals

Let us together create the WE in the Wirtion. With heart, head and hand, through our actions and by spreading good recipes. In many conversations, we have learned that people would like to help change our current, unjust system. 

We want recipes and stories
collect to copy
- from tHe WE in tHe WEtH

A WIRtschaft is like a well-thought-out menu that gives us everything we need to live. There are already an incredible number delicious recipes, great ideas and theories for a different economic system, but it is still difficult for most of us to create a menu plan for our lives from them. Often, the theories are also elusive and many wonder what implementation might look like.

This is how the idea came about to write a jointly designed cookbook in which we collect the many small and large recipes that already exist, as well as create and try out new variations. Maybe you already have an idea? Because just like really good food, WIRtschaften also needs many people to ensure that the quality is right from the field to the plate.

For a WEconomy
that allows real values to grow:
Health, nature,
satisfaction and justice…
the WE.

Do you also want to be a co-creator:in this community kitchen?

Our table has enough seats for everyone.
Create the cookbook together with us!

never miss a recipe again?

© WIR wie WIRtschaft