In 2023, we will start a seminar series under the title „WIRtschafts-Impulse“. In four online workshops, we want to shed light on exciting topics, tools and systemic approaches that advance the WE in business. WIRtschafts-Impulse is aimed at everyone who wants to help shape change in the world of work. 90 minutes via Zoom.


Balance between structure and creative chaos // Let’s talk about money // Appreciative feedback // Burning without burning out

The dates (16:00-17:30 each):

February 7: Balance between structure and creative chaos
Which organizational & communication structures suit us or me? "Older" organizations often struggle with (too) much grown structure, "young" growing organizations want to find a suitable balance between chaos and "over-structuring".

4. April (neues Datum): Let’s talk about money
Earning money per se is not a bad thing! But how we handle money in our organization says a lot about our work culture and values. Who decides what? What is my responsibility? When money is everyone's business, it can become a tool to shape the organization we want to be tomorrow.

Wertschätzendes Feedback (Termin folgt)
A healthy feedback culture is the key to a learning organization that wants to recognize mistakes early on and draw the right keys from them. How can this work? What ingredients are needed for appreciative cooperation in a performance-oriented world?

Brennen ohne Auszubrennen (Termin folgt)
Recent surveys show that many people are dissatisfied with their jobs and plan to look for a new job in the next twelve months. The reasons given for this are: Burnout, dissatisfaction and lack of flexibility. How can I burn for my work without burning out? How do I find satisfaction at work? These are the questions we want to explore here.