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Press release: February 20 is World Social Justice Day and the birthday of ECONOMY

February 20 is the United Nations International Social Justice Day. Putting this day in the spotlight is more necessary than ever: the wealth of the 10 richest people in the world has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic. Along the way, economic inequality reduced the income of 99 % of the world's population over the same period, and more than 160 million people have been pushed into poverty. This is according to Oxfam International's recently released "Inequality kills" report. Inequality kills because inequality contributes to the death of at least one person every four seconds. ...

Birthday menu - WIRtschaft celebrates its first anniversary

One year ago we went online with our website and we stay with it. New and familiar recipes are available in the following BIRTHDAY MENU!!! Do you want to contribute to a fairer economy? Then you are exactly right with this "menu"!Just print out and choose the right recipe, oooooooor GIVE AWAY!Feel free to report on your experiences, or your recipe idea!Happy holidays and have fun cooking and giving away!

WIRtschaft Weihnachts-Menü

Christmas menu - also to give away

Silent night, holy night - and just night?Do you feel like contributing to a more just WEconomy? Then you are exactly right with this "menu"!Just print out and choose the right recipe, oooooooor GIVE AWAY!Feel free to report on your experiences, or your recipe idea!Happy holidays and have fun cooking and giving away!


The Fair Mouse - an example of why transparency in global supply chains is urgently needed

The prices we pay for products at the checkouts of supermarkets and online stores lie. The ecological and social costs of overexploitation of people and nature, as is still the case today in the mines, factories and fields of Peru, are outsourced and are not reflected in the prices of the products. The supply chain law recently passed in Germany is intended to remedy this situation. But what are the consequences of the law for people and nature, and why is it so difficult to implement? Using the example of a simple computer mouse, I would like to give you an understanding of the complexity of the issue. Actually, it is absurd that in the 21st century it is still necessary to pass a law to protect people against exploitation in the workplace. However, it reflects the sad reality that the observance of human rights is far from being a matter of course in many countries. This is also the case in Peru, where I currently live. Here are just a few examples of this dark side of the economy: Chinese and Western companies are mining copper, silver and gold in Peru. Poisoned water, displacement of people from their homes and inhumane working conditions are only 3 of the consequences for the people who live here. Most of the profits from the raw materials business flow abroad.

Social Permaculture - so that ecology and justice bear fruit

As nature lovers, you probably know the term permaculture from your garden. There, it is certainly self-evident to you that diversity is an important building block for a thriving garden. But permaculture is an approach that can be applied to all areas of life. It takes the following ethical principles into consideration: Care for the Earth, Care for People, and Care for the Future - this third ethic is often referred to as "fair share." Sharing surpluses and reducing consumption. Permaculture takes nature as its model.Patrick Whitefield, author of The Earthcare Manual, called permaculture "the art of designing beneficial relationships." Here, plants in the garden are not considered in isolation, but in terms of how they influence each other, how they interact, how we can get a diverse yield from each element. There is much to be learned from this for our interactions at home and at work as well. How does change happen? How can we create a healthy breeding ground for the much-vaunted sustainable development at all levels, especially in the workplace? How can we develop the skills to make the long overdue change in our lives a success? In my opinion, the key to this is our culture, how we deal with each other. In

WIRtschaft-Stammtisch 1

Regulars table #2

The second WIRtschafts-Stammtisch will take place on Tuesday, September 28 from 18:30 to 20:00. For this a cordial invitation! We look forward to seeing and hearing from many of you. We meet online here via fairmeeting. This is what happens at the WIRtschafts-Stammtisch: We want to talk about WIRtschafts topics again and make plans together. Save the date - we will inform you about the exact program shortly before. Please have a drink and a snack ready 🙂 We would be pleased to hear from you who will be attending. Spontaneous guests are also welcome. WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO YOU!!!

The CURT-MAGAZIN has written about us!

Supply Chain Act - on the current status

"Will companies across Europe soon have to ensure that human rights violations and environmental destruction do not occur in their supply chains?" asks the Supply Chain Act initiative on the occasion of the vote in the European Parliament on this issue. The European initiative makes it clear: The draft law for a German supply chain law is insufficient!

With 504 votes in favor from 695 parliamentarians, the European Parliament gave a clear signal on March 11 in favor of the so-called "Legislative Report on Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence of Businesses". This recommendation of the European Parliament is addressed to the EU Commission. Now EU-wide supply chain legislation is to be introduced. In terms of content, the European Parliament goes far beyond the watered-down German bill agreed by the German government last week.


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