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Mitmachen – WIRtschafts-Rezepte nachmachen

Recipes for the WE in the WIRtschaft

Here you will find recipes to try out aspects of a different economy – for more justice and sustainability in your everyday work.
There is something for every taste: Difficulty level easy - advanced, preparation time short - long; Become a test eater for our all new economy-buffet! We are very curious about your experiences, tips or own creations.
Pick a recipe that suits you and give it a try:
Mitmachen – WIRtschafts-Rezept schreiben

... & eShare your own recipe creations

Do you have an idea how other employers and employees can make their everyday working life fairer and more sustainable? - Great! Our recipe collection lives from the fact that it grows and becomes a large collection / a cookbook for changing the world. Write your idea here in this form - we will then add it to the recipe collection on the website.
And so it goes
1. click on the "Write recipe" button
2. download and fill out recipe form

3. via email to kontakt(at)wir-tschaft.jetzt send

Have fun!

Mitmachen – WIRtschafts-Rezepte kommentieren

Giving feedback - how was it?

How was the first tasting? What variations do you suggest based on your testing experience?
Feedback and comments are incredibly motivating for further test eaters.
Just post your comments at the respective recipes or write basic suggestions to us.
Mitmachen – WIRtschafts-Idee teilen

Tell on, write, thurry

Help us spread our idea of working together on a cookbook for more WE in business. It would be a dream if as many people as possible got started and tried out recipes. Follow WIRtschaft on Twitter or Instagram, or share our profile with your friends or colleagues:
Mitmachen – Zukunftspläne für die WIRtschaft

Music of the future

We already have many ideas on how we can all work together to bring the WIRtschaft and its recipes to the world. We look forward to your support in all these endeavors!

WIRtschafts Podcast

In the future, there will also be a podcast, where we want to accompany people who try out a recipe.

Media library

We want to set up a media library with texts and videos on the topic. For this purpose, we are collecting good, light snacks, or even heavy fare for browsing and further information. You have something? Feel free to send it to us.

Regulars' table

We are currently planning a round WIRtschafts-Tisch. An (online) meeting where you can join in and we can exchange ideas directly in order to make further plans. There should also be a WIRtschafts-Tisch at various locations - very real and in color. Preferably in public spaces, where we can also attract some attention together with you. News will follow.
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Mitmachen – WIRtschafts-Mitglied werden


We look forward to your support in all of these endeavors! Do you have an idea for an event, are you a social media expert, want to do a podcast, or want to be part of the core team planning? We are looking forward to your message!

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