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Common Good Economy Quick Test


* Interest in public welfare-oriented WIRtschaften
* Research in the sphere of activity and own company
* Honesty and willingness to change

* GWÖ quick test (see link below)

"Our current economic system is upside down. Money has become a self-purpose instead of a means to what really matters: a good life for all."
Christian Felber, author of the book "Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie" and co-initiator of the Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie movement
Are you also wondering how you can make your company fairer and more sustainable? Then you might be interested in the Common Good Economy! Get to know the economic model and its tools:

The Common Good Economy (GWÖ) - as the name suggests - an alternative, common good-oriented economic model that promotes a change in the value system. Companies of any legal form can have their balance sheets drawn up and their success measured against values oriented toward the common good. The common good matrix includes values such as "human dignity," "transparency and co-decision," and "solidarity and justice. These values can be measured by balancing them with the contact groups - e.g., "Customers & Co-enterprises," "Suppliers," and "Social Environment." And the financial health of an organization is also an important criterion here.
More than 1,000 companies have already decided to do business for the common good.

To get to grips with this complex topic: Why not take the GWÖ quick test, for a first overview?
First step with the GWÖ quick test
To get started, you can also start with a GWÖ quick test - with or without consulting. Afterwards you can decide if further steps are an option for your organization!
Here you can find the quick test.

If, after the quick test, you have acquired a taste for it and would like to take further steps towards becoming a GWÖ-certified company, there are many advantages:
+ You will learn what contribution you are already making to the common good
+ You discover further potentials of your company, how you can manage and develop more sustainably
+ Accompaniment by GWÖ-Consultants:inside
+ with the common good report you can publicly show and make transparent which values your organization represents, this creates trust with all partners and customers.
+ The preparation of the report strengthens the vision and concept of your organization, through this sharpening of vision new ideas and input for the design of new products and services are created

The balancing can take place on one's own, with advice from GWÖ consultants or in an accompanied group of several organizations. It is a big and important step, so here is a quick test to get you started...
On the page you will find all information about GWÖ, consulting and balancing.
And of course there are other models and approaches to strengthen the common good in the company: e.g. fair procurement, the doughnut economy, needs-based salaries and much more.

Have fun cooking!

Anyone who has tried or modified the recipe, feel free to comment!

This recipe is from Maria Seeger

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