Making good visible

* You are looking for or know a great address for the WIR-tschaften
* Map of Tomorrow:
* 10 minutes time

Do you also know this? You need e.g. a nice gift for a:n friend:in and actually you would like to give already something, which harms neither humans nor environment. Often I just did not know in a hurry where I could find something like that. I was convinced that there is (almost) always an eco-fair alternative. But sometimes I simply didn't have the time to do a lot of research to find out what was available. Talking to friends, I quickly realized that it wasn't just me. So I started to collect addresses and to share them with others, first alone, then together with everyone who wanted to help, for the Nuremberg region. This is how the Bluepingu Regionallotse came into being ( with meanwhile more than 1600 addresses for a good life in Franconia. Since a few years there is this directory of "good things" but not only for the Nuremberg region, but actually worldwide. It is called Map of Tomorrow (link see above). No matter if I am looking for something or if I find something new myself, meanwhile I have made it a habit to look there first to see what I can find in this map. For example, when my son moved to Hamburg for his studies and I was looking for an organic-fair breakfast café. Everyone can help here and enter their tips. The opening hours have changed? No problem, you can change that too. I think that's really great, because it's often still small, often unknown companies that better exemplify the WE in business. If we all make sure that such companies, associations or educational projects are easier to find, then many more people will certainly use these effective alternatives.
Surely you also know such a place...

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