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Planning and designing events sustainably


* Event guide
* Good will
* in case of doubt competent advice

* Good marketing
* Openness for new things

Your events are your business card. Surely there are also events for employees or customers in your company. Whether it is a sales meeting or a trade fair presence, you can show your employees as well as your customers the flag and plan and implement an event that leaves no negative traces.

The ingredients are very simple. Take the Event guide of the Federal Environment Agency and distribute the tasks from A for waste management to W for water with the clear requirement to consider ecological and social aspects. True to the motto "Do good and talk about it“ then add a pinch of "Good communication" and the menu is ready that will not only be well received by your guests.

Ideally, you should store the guide together with your own experience so that what you have learned is not lost again.

And don't forget to write us your experiences to We are happy to receive additions to the recipe or even new recipes.

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Frank Brown

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