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Making a movie night about the WIRtschafts


* Interest in other economies
* Time and desire for an inspiring evening
* an Internet-enabled computer (or DVD + player)

"Economics can be this beautiful" - an ironic statement...? In any case, the sentence struck me as somehow oblique. It clearly demonstrated to me what image I have of business. But there are many examples that show: Economy can also be meaningful, cooperative and full of joy. If we shape it that way. A number of films have also been made about this, which are wonderfully suitable for a short film evening.
So - pop some popcorn and get cozy on the sofa.

Now to the FILM TIPS
CAUTION: These films can change the way you think and act!
* Living Economy - In Search of Success and Fulfillment
* From Business to being
* At eye level - showing and strengthening vitality in organizations
* The Quiet Revolution - The film on cultural change in the world of work.
* Tomorrow - the world is full of solutions

>> Further film tips are welcome!

Invite your partner or friends and watch together.

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Kerstin Seeger

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    Silke Helfrich
    20 February 2021

    Another great film on doing business differently 🙂

      Maria Seeger
      20 February 2021

      Thank you for the film tip, Silke Helfrich!

      21 February 2021

      Dear Silke, we would be very happy if you would also contribute a recipe to our collection 😉.

    21 July 2021

    We watched another film from the Film Recipe: "The Quiet Revolution - The Film on Cultural Change in the World of Work" - highly recommended.
    The film shows impressively what is possible. Much of it is based on living in the here and now and finding out what I really, really want - as an entrepreneur, as a leader, as a team player. The beauty of this is that success, the much-vaunted "performance", comes almost automatically... after a major process of inner change - to be fair, it has to be said.
    One sentence that stuck: "Once I have internalized certain values, some behaviors are self-explanatory. I don't even have to think about that anymore. So it's also easier to make decisions."

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