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Talking about the WIRtschafts with friends


* Interest in WIRtschaften
* Uncertainty
* Meeting with friends
* an introductory question
* Openness and curiosity

I don't really know where some of my friends stand on the subject of "doing business differently", what they think about it or what they know. Sure, somehow I know that they are not extreme consumers, and that they don't think everything that is going on is okay. But what the will to change looks like, and if anyone has looked into it more... actually, I don't really know. Although I give it a lot of thought, I've avoided this topic so far. Well, I don't want to burden a light-hearted evening with such a heavy topic. And besides, I don't have all the answers myself and have a hard time paraphrasing the topic well at all, so that the most important thing is said in a nutshell....
It is not important whether you yourself are an expert on a particular topic. You can still talk about it and say what moves you about it. Especially when it comes to the economy, no one has all the answers anyway. Besides, it's well known that you can discuss children or dogs, even if you don't have any yourself.
So - just do it! A good introductory question might be: I recently discovered a good website on the topic of ECONOMY. Do you think that our current economy makes people happy? Or: Lately, I've often wondered why our economic system doesn't change, even though so many people are unhappy or even exploited.
It's sure to be an inspiring evening that everyone will remember for a long time. And who knows what will develop from it. Probably more interesting conversations...

* The opening question can also be modified into an emotional-personal statement: I get sad when I think about how we treat other people / nature.
* Increase the level of difficulty and raise the issue at the relatives meeting ; )

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Kerstin Seeger

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