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A garden on the farm


* Interest in gardening
* Joy of experimentation
* Colleagues:inside, Team
* Balcony, roof terrace, courtyard, outdoor area in the company
* Procurement of materials and plants
* Persuasion time

Do you have a herb bed or other edible plants in your company? Why not, actually? How about basil and tomatoes in the summer? Add some delicious mozzarella and lunch is almost ready... Besides, such a planting bed is a wonderful team task (setting it up and also taking care of it) and promotes communication as well as the feel-good factor in the company. What more do you want?

Talk about your idea in the next team meeting: a raised bed can be built in a very small space. To get started, even a few converted flower boxes can be useful. It is best if one person puts on the responsible "gardener:in hat" and coordinates the setting up and planting. A small survey can also be started among the colleagues to find out which plants are desired. It is also nice if there is seating around the bed and thus a lively center is created. Plants stimulate many thoughts and conversations: about appreciation of plants and food, about nutrition, about one's own purchasing behavior, or simply about the beauty of nature. : )

Anyone who grows their own vegetables knows how proud and satisfied the harvest can make them, and how delicious it can be - no matter how small.
Ideally, you already have a few examples of how the planting bed could look like, and know what materials are needed.

Small tip
Maybe there is also an "urban gardening project" in your place. Just drop by there and find out about the bed possibilities.

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