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Making sharing socially acceptable in the company


* Something to lend / give away
* Colleagues:inside
* write a short article with instructions
* Intranet / Messenger or similar
* Conversation with management
* Discussion with IT managers

Sharing is a key to system change. There are several advantages: We can conserve resources, save money, and don't have to do without absolutely anything. On top of that, we get more contact with our fellow human beings and more space in the basement or storage room, because we don't have to own everything ourselves. (Especially since we need a lot of things only very rarely: The average effective usage time of home drills is 15 minutes per lifetime, yet almost every household has one).
In many people's minds, however, the idea still prevails that sharing is somehow "uncool". The opposite is true! In innovative communities, the idea of sharing has long been common practice. In the mainstream, the idea is slowly seeping through. Be a pioneer and establish a lending and giving platform in your company!

This requires a list of things that can be loaned or given away. Start a call: Who has something to give away, who can lend something? It's a great occasion to try out the sharing and giving economy. As an alternative to giving things away, offer things with a "pay-what-you-want" price tag. This is also an approach for new impulses.

Important: It's not about making profits, it's about saving resources together.

Variation 1
Establish a "giveaway shelf" in the coffee kitchen or break room if it's not possible digitally or doesn't make sense for your business.

Variation 2
If it doesn't work on your company's web platform, you could set up a "search-bid group" on your Messenger app and invite colleagues to join.

Variation 3
- for particularly innovative organizations: The sharing platform is also made available to partners, suppliers and customers.

Variation 4
In addition to things, also share skills - in the sense of "neighborly help" (changing a tire, drilling a hole in the wall, etc.).

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