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Bahncard 100 instead of company car


* Courage
* Profession with entitlement to a company car
* Desire for environmentally friendly mobility
* Persuasiveness
* Good preparation

You are entitled to a company car in your company but you want to go new ways and set an example for the WE in WIRtschaft? Then this recipe might be just right for you. Perhaps there is already an agreement in your company that a Bahncard 100 can be ordered as an alternative to the company car. If not, break the ice and make the request to make a new alternative to the company car possible here.

You have a lot of good arguments on your side: It's always better for the company in terms of costs, and it's better for the eco-balance, too. Of course, it is important to weigh up the needs for which the company car is required. A sales employee in a rural area will probably not be able to choose this alternative, but company cars are often provided to executives as part of their compensation. Here, the Bahncard 100 can be a real alternative.

At the time, I prepared well and presented the cost advantages and the environmental benefits based on the expected mileage. I had all the arguments on my side, and it's hard for a company to say no at that point.

Here is another interesting article on this that also explains the tax aspects of this alternative.

We are very curious about the experience with this recipe.

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Frank Brown

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