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Procurement with vision


* Desire for durable products
* Courage
* Persuasiveness
* thorough research + expertise

When it comes to procurement, cost is usually the most important criterion when selecting suppliers and products, in addition to the required quality. How often have I heard: "I like the idea, but unfortunately we don't have the budget for this sustainable alternative."

How about slightly varying your decision-making formula for your next purchase? A small change in perspective when calculating costs can immediately add much more sustainability to the shopping cart:
Instead of the purchase price of a product, let's take the life cycle costs (i.e. the costs over the entire expected life of a product) as the basis for the cost comparison. In this case, sustainable products are often the cheaper alternative, since they generally require less electricity, fewer consumables, etc. Suggest this to your:r responsible buyer:in or, if you are responsible yourself: Switch the cost consideration and compare the costs in this way.

Tip: Argumentatively, you can refer, for example, to this Article of the Federal Environment Agency which explains the procedure well and also links to a variety of tools that can help you work out such a comparison.

In this way, you can often resolve the supposed conflict of goals between profitability and sustainability and can afford sustainability without lengthy discussions about persuasion.

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