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Recipe - what I can do

Give things I no longer use a new life


* Things you no longer need or use
* Time for a small inventory
* Ideas who could use the things

How nice could it be to throw off ballast and still give joy?
I don't know if you feel the same way, but we keep accumulating things that are actually still good, but we don't use them anymore. Whether it's a game we've played enough of, clothes we've outgrown, or things we've simply lost interest in. It would be much too good to throw away, and so we always accumulate something. In the meantime, we take inventory in the family every half a year, so as not to give the ballast time to get stuck in the basement. After a little research, we quickly found places that are happy about functioning or usable things of all kinds. I'm sure there are places like this near you. We drop off clothes at a nice thrift store nearby, anything related to living at the thrift store, as well as our kids' sports equipment and toys. The gift store is also happy about new things in the assortment. By the way, the thrift store is also a great place to stock up on everything you need for life at a reasonable price. Some of the things there are barely used. It's liberating every time we make room like that again and at the same time know that the things can continue to be useful elsewhere. And if you then add your places that continue to share used things to the map of tomorrow (see recipe "Making good things visible"), then you have connected two good things and helped to make the preparation of this recipe easier for others.

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Frank Brown

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