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You are the boss here: help shape product development


* Desire for co-determination in product development.
* Desire for fair prices
* Willingness to pay a little more for a product if it corresponds to one's own values.
* Fill out product questionnaire online or/and purchase products.

Participate in the "You're the boss here!" initiative online or/and buy products.
In order to make the process of creating a product new, fairer and more transparent, the consumers themselves decide what is important in food and how it should be produced. The idea is that a community designs its own products, has them produced according to its wishes and markets them at a fair price.
In this way, consumers decide for themselves what is important to them. A product is selected jointly via an online questionnaire, expectations and preferences can be made known, as well as relevant product features (origin, production process, remuneration for farmers, quality, animal welfare, type of packaging...). The sales price can also be determined by the product characteristics. Democratically, all answers are evaluated and summarized: This is how the ideal product is created. In parallel, farmers, manufacturers and retailers are selected as partners so that the product can find its way onto supermarket shelves. Once marketing is underway, compliance with the defined product characteristics is monitored. The aim is to jointly develop valuable, fair and sustainable products for everyone and to guarantee fair compensation for farmers.
"Join in, have a say, because you're the boss here!". Quoted from:

For advanced
Help make "your" supermarket a little fairer and address letter template to store management.

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