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Spring feelings


* one or more colleagues
* Appointment
* Topic

* Suitable route
* suitable shoes

In Aristotle's school, a walkway is said to have been used for philosophizing while walking. The philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote: "I can only think while walking. If I stop, my thoughts do the same. And WirtschaftsWoche writes: "Walking not only gets the body going, it also helps the mind get going - and makes the employee meeting a whole new experience." There are now also studies on the fact that cognitive performance is stimulated when walking.

I have already experienced it during a feedback walk or staff meeting - it feels good to walk a round together and to discuss things.

Try it out: Giving / taking feedback works very well as a feedback walk. But also other questions (review-outlook) can be discussed well during a walk.
Constellations of 2 or 3 have proven themselves, so that you can walk side by side and everyone understands each other.
Think about a question beforehand and agree on a specific duration. So that one person does not monologue, blocks can be set. (10 minutes person 1 and 10 minutes person 2 - for example during a feedback walk). Or you speak "only" one thought at a time and then the other person takes their turn.
Also, be sure to have appropriate documentation, such as photo, or / and a summary at the end that is written up in the office.
A thematic walk also works in a team if the constellation is reshuffled after a set time. At the end, the "harvest" can be shared in a larger circle (pay attention to acoustics) or in the office.

For this purpose, the route must be well communicated and appropriate intermediate meeting points must be established.

Plan a suitable route and off you go!

Have fun cooking!

Anyone who has tried or modified the recipe, feel free to comment!

This recipe is from Kerstin Seeger

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