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Impulses - contribute to the development of the company


* Desire for impulses on the subject of WIRtschaften
* prepare a short presentation
* Colleagues:inside, Team
* Impulse time in the company meeting
* Conversation with management

There are many ideas and approaches to doing business differently: the common good economy, post-growth approaches, degrowth, commoning, care economy, living economy, soulful entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, eco-fair supply chains, sustainable procurement, and much more....
How about starting an impulse series on the approaches in the (monthly) overall meeting. In each meeting, a self-selected approach / idea / piece of the puzzle would be briefly presented (approx. 20 min.). In this way, alternative approaches can become visible and a conversation about the innovative further development of one's own company can develop.

Perhaps you can kick off with the first impulse, and interested colleagues can then continue the series. Alternatively, you can invite topic experts to give a keynote presentation.

In parallel, establish a "round table" in your organization. Start with 3-4 interested colleagues and talk about the presented impulses and possible changes in your organization. It is best to discuss this with the management and invite them to participate!

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