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Let's talk about money


* Interested parties from the organization
* Financial Officer:n
* ermin to reflect

* Courage to set out

How we handle money in our organization says a lot about our work culture and values. If money concerns everyone, it can become a tool with which we can shape the organization of tomorrow that we want to be.
We can set out together in the company, meet first, simply ask the following guiding questions (or a selection of them) and answer them in a circle.
The important thing here is the attitude: It is a matter of setting out on the path and reflecting first. Those responsible for finance should also not feel "backed into a corner," but rather expressed appreciation for the work done so far.

on how to handle money in an organization:

+ Do you know how much turnover / profit your organization makes?
+ Would you know where to look it up?
+ Who has access to important financial documents or financial planning?
+ Do you know what happens to profits that your organization generates?
+ Do you know what is the highest and lowest salary paid in your organization?
+ What does pricing look like in the company? Have you already dealt with the external costs of your services? Are these included?
+ Are social-ecological criteria taken into account when purchasing services/products?

These questions are simply answered honestly. Perhaps / probably this will result in a follow-up appointment 🙂 Then you can consider what answers you would like to see for your organization and where you would like to start concrete changes.

Have fun cooking!

Anyone who has tried or modified the recipe, feel free to comment!

This recipe is from Kerstin Seeger

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