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Simply switch off for a while - install a timer


* Desire to save electricity and money
* Set time frame for power shutdown
* Facility Manager:in / Technical Officer:r
* Central control system

* Timer

Do you also know that devices at the workplace are often constantly on standby or the light is permanently on? This doesn't have to be the case in order to conserve resources. Rising electricity prices make it another strong argument in favor of a Timer.

Grab the facility manager (or similar expert or decision maker) and together set a time frame for when the power can be turned off (e.g., 10-6 p.m., depending on the building's hours of operation or core business hours).

IMPORTANT: Clarify whether there are certain devices and areas in your company that must not be disconnected from the power grid. (This includes certain servers, emergency lighting or, if applicable, the refrigerator in the coffee kitchen, etc.) For this purpose, a small survey with announcement of the project can be useful.

Install the timer yourself or have it installed by a craftsman. (If necessary, it makes sense to do this via the central control, or on main lines for individual building branches).

Inform all employees - according to the motto: "Do good and talk about it."

Start small and install a timer right at your own workstation.

Have fun cooking!

Anyone who has tried or modified the recipe, feel free to comment!

This recipe is from Pia & Janina from sneep e.V. - student network for ethics in economics and practice

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