A Date with Commitment - Corporate Volunteering

* Desire for new insights & skills
* social-ecological commitment
* Corporate culture characterized by participation & commitment
* Networking with community-based organizations

* Database for volunteering opportunities at the site.

Many spaces are empty outside of core business hours: be it large or small meeting rooms, or even event halls and gymnasiums. Both profit and non-profit organizations (such as church congregations or universities) often have rooms that are not used at certain times. At the same time, initiatives, associations, or yoga teachers, for example, are often looking for handi

Corporate volunteering programs help motivate employees, build team spirit, promote community involvement in the immediate environment, and enhance a company's reputation for corporate citizenship. It has long been clear to most companies that investing in corporate social responsibility (CSR) supports their business goals in the long term.

So why not introduce a corporate volunteering program, whereby employees can contribute a certain number of hours per month for the common good?
All employees can be involved in the search for local public welfare organizations: Who already has contacts? Which areas would employees like to get a taste of?

Create a list of local organizations of interest.
Contact the organizations / initiatives and simply ask if a volunteer assignment is desired and possible. Some need support at certain times or for certain actions (e.g. repainting the kindergarten, building raised beds or shoveling soil at the garden project).

There is some coordination work behind it, and also the consideration of how you account for or control the volunteer work in the internal time recording, if necessary. Perhaps there is a certificate for the commitment, which employees receive for the working time documentation?

Over time, volunteer work builds a local network with community-minded organizations, from which motivation, identification, and unimagined collaborations and opportunities can emerge....

For community management, it's a good idea to celebrate together sometimes - for example, at a joint summer party 🙂

Tip for getting started
If an account assignment project (hourly quota per month / per year) seems too extensive for you, why not start with a joint "Corporate Volunteering Day" as an introduction?

Have fun cooking!

Anyone who has tried or modified the recipe, feel free to comment!

This recipe is from Pia & Janina from sneep e.V. - student network for ethics in economics and practice

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