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Frugality in the company


* Strategic considerations
* Strategy discussions or workshops
* A new unique selling proposition

An ECONOMY is not necessarily about maximizing profit. Entrepreneurial ideas are realized for their own sake, because entrepreneurs and employees follow their calling. With such a motivational situation, frugality can be considered in the company. As a self-determined strategy, in order not to lose the view for the substantial, and to keep the original motivation for the enterprise. Quite incidentally one receives thereby also a unique selling proposition!

Six examples of frugality strategies.
(so-called "sufficiency strategies").1

- Output limitation allows a stronger focus on quality improvement and creates freedom in terms of content and time.
- Limiting the number of employees can increase the attractiveness of jobs and improve communication and processes due to the company's manageable structure.
- By narrowing the geographical radius of action, value creation can be strengthened in the region and more individual customer advice can be offered.
- Those who limit profit put the original purpose of the company in the foreground. Decisions are based on meaning, on (product) quality, and not on profit.
- If the entrepreneur's wage is limited, the owners are guided by the conviction that their own work is not worth disproportionately more than that of the employees and therefore pay themselves the same or minimally higher hourly wage. This can lead to employees identifying more strongly with the company than in companies with high wage differentials.
- A limitation in terms of fossil mobility puts the focus on transport that is as emission-free as possible - also in the supply chain.

Could such aspects also be relevant for your company?

1) To be read in "Beseelte UnternehmerInnen" by Christel Maurer

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