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Turning resentment into compassionate joy


* Resentment, envy
* Self-reflection and insight
* Will to change or good intentions
* Kitschy sayings card (or similar)
* Liberating fellow joy, an open-sincere smile.

Actually, I had thought of myself as benevolent and not at all begrudging or envious. Until I realized at my first job that a begrudging feeling was creeping up on me: I couldn't really begrudge a colleague who had started at the same time as me the success of her project. I would have preferred to get the super praise from the new boss. Really - I was actually jealous!
When I admitted this to myself, I was surprised, because I had never experienced this before. And I have also observed in myself that it is not so easy to get out of one's resentment, even if one resolves to do so.
Just at that time, I ran across a saying on one of those cheesy saying cards that helped me a lot and that I like to remember: "He who rejoices in the happiness of others, his own will flourish."
EXACTLY! So I can also increase my own well-being with my co-joy. That was my thought key. I could sincerely rejoice with my colleague and instead of an imposed, inwardly forced smile, I could freely rejoice with her. How beautiful!

The kitsch card can also be replaced by a saying without a kitsch card, a different mental anchor, a conversation with friends about fellow joy, etc.
Example for the joyful transfer to groups: There is now a second Urban Gardening initiative in the village? That's great! The more, the better! Form a network and share equipment and knowledge with each other. Celebrate together.

If you feel resentment at the moment, try this recipe right now. Anyone who has tried or modified the recipe, feel free to comment!

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Kerstin Seeger

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