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Change of perspective - looking at colleagues with different eyes


* Colleagues:inside
* Workplace
* Change of perspective
* Perceive feelings and moods

Next to family and / or partnership, the workplace is almost the most important place of a person! At least it is a place where you spend the longest time of your day. Every person comes to work every morning with their own very personal issues. That is, each:r brings his whole story every day. Everything that makes him happy and everything that is in turmoil right now. Ask yourself for one day: How is my colleague really doing today? What do you think he/she brings? What language do their eyes speak? Are they fearful, angry, or sad? Some say that in each of us there is also an inner child – a little boy or a little girl. When shining and bright eyes meet us, we may see the child in our counterpart. Do you discover the child in your colleague?
Feeling can also mean: "Go and feel" Perceiving feelings starts with a person and changes teams, departments, companies and the world.

* If colleagues are not available, you are welcome to try it out with acquaintances.

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Kerstin Seeger

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    11 October 2022

    This always saves me from mental "condemnations". Especially with colleagues whose views and reactions I don't like.

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