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Share spaces - share joy


* temporarily unused, vacant rooms/buildings
* Communication/contact with seeking stakeholders.
* Desire for "life in the booth" and synergy building
* Arrangements or booking calendar

* Second key, or similar.
* If applicable, contract and insurance check for the advanced
Space utilization

Many spaces are empty outside of core business hours: be it large or small meeting rooms, or even event halls and gymnasiums. Both profit and non-profit organizations (such as church congregations or universities) often have rooms that are not used at certain times. At the same time, initiatives, associations or e.g. yoga teachers are often desperately looking for cheap or free rooms for meetings, workshops or yoga classes (mostly in the evening or on weekends). ...actually a win-win situation!?
So if you feel like socializing, bringing people from the outside into your space, possibly forming synergies, or at least gaining some benevolent publicity, why not share your temporarily unused space!

Identify appropriate spaces and appropriate times.

Clarify legal requirements and check insurances if necessary.

Get the OK from decision makers in your organization.

Ensure internal coordination (Who is the contact person? You yourself? Where is the room sharing registered? If necessary, involve janitors, cleaning staff)

Communication to employees & invitation to share the offer

Public communication, if necessary, via website or other platforms (depending on the size of the company)

Conclude agreement with room sharers (e.g. regarding keys, regular leaving of the room, occurrence of a damage case)

Share spaces - share joy!

Room sharing can initially be tried out as an "experiment" on a small scale. Perhaps your colleagues have a need? In this way, the company can also support its employees in their voluntary or part-time work.

Have fun cooking!

Anyone who has tried or modified the recipe, feel free to comment!

This recipe is from 3 people from sneep e.V. - student network for ethics in economics and practice

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    11 October 2022

    Thank you for the recipe. There is really more to it than meets the eye.... but when it works it's great and offers synergy effects. Many parishes share their community center space.

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