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Convert working time to friendship time


* Working time
* Rescheduling: Finish earlier
* Friends, family
* Telephone or nice meeting place, such as picnic area / urban gardening project / cafe / pub.

For years, Australian nurse Bronnie Ware accompanied terminally ill people in the last weeks of their lives. When she asked the patients what they regretted in their lives or what they would have preferred to have done differently, the same five topics usually came up.
In second place, "I wish I hadn't worked so much."
Without exception, this came from every man Bronnie Ware cared for. Even some women expressed this regret. The fear of not earning enough money or the pressure of having to make a career are more widespread in our capitalist world than ever before.
Rank 4: "I wish I had kept in touch with my friends."
Many regret that they have given too little time and attention to their friends, their family. Job, career, house and stuff were often more important.

Plan a "private work time reduction" in which you then devote yourself to your loved ones or your friend:in. For example, you could plan to finish 90 minutes early every Tuesday and then start a nice evening. And not, as may be usual, completely exhausted and exhausted, but relaxed and open for a nice evening. Plan this shortening in your schedule and inform your colleagues and maybe even your boss about it (surely you have enough overtime to try this out for some time). For longer-term schedules, plan a month in advance and inform your colleagues. Who knows, maybe you can infect others with this idea...?

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    11 October 2022

    Even when I set my mind to it, I always fall back into my old patterns... the only thing that helps is to start again and again. Does anyone have a tip?

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